Which countries have the best mobile connectivity in Africa?

SpeedChecker, a crowdsourcing company, has announced the results of its 2021 awards on mobile network speeds and coverage in Africa. The awards are given to countries and mobile operators in 2 categories : Fastest mobile network champion and Best mobile coverage champion.


Unlike other comparisons and studies done before this one is based on the data points collected from millions of mobile devices in Africa. This means data is not skewed or biased towards some operators or regions and provides a true picture of how the mobile networks are performing on this continent. 


The best countries with fastest Internet are not surprisingly Morocco at #1 and South Africa at #2, followed by Tunisia at #3. More surprisingly is Mali at spot #4 as this land-locked relatively poor country has beaten bigger and more developed countries on this metric.


The 2nd category of the best mobile coverage on the continent has island countries with beautiful Mauritius winning the Best mobile coverage champion award, followed by islands of Comoros and Seychelles. From the continental Africa the top spot is taken by Egypt followed by South Africa and Kenya.


For full details of winners and rankings, please download the file below.